3 Home Decor Styles Trending NOW

With my personal move to Germany looming, I've been looking at home decor trends, both in the US and in Europe. Light and airy with white walls and parquet floors throughout seems to be the rule of thumb in the nicest Munich rental properties; my husband and I were surprised to see quite a few spacious homes as well. In fact, the house we hope to rent is bigger than our house here! If we get it - every apartment and house in Munich seems to have at least 20+ applicants.
We've heard horror stories. A one bedroom apartment besieged by 500 applicants in one day. One couple searched for 8 months before they found an apartment. We looked at one house where the landlord, in addition to expecting significant rent, expected his future tenants to also care for his aging mother. It's just not easy to find somewhere to live in Germany's most expensive city.
I'm optimistic we won't be homeless when we move next month. In the meantime, I'm sharing 3 easy to implement design trends that work whether you're renting or renovating!

21st Century Art Deco

Bold geometric prints that echo 1920s Art Deco design are popping up in all sorts of home decor, from wallpaper to accessories.

Chrome is trending this year and goes beautifully with this Art Deco inspired combination: a reversible, heavy duty upholstery fabric in Coral pairs with 2 linen/cotton blends, a metallic Aqua and a rustic Stone.

Parisian Chic:

Photo by Janis Nicolay

Whether you love light and airy or deep and dramatic, creating a Parisian Chic look starts with one fabric: Velvet. Wide availability in on-trend colors and (most importantly!) as stain repellent performance fabrics make this a livable - and absolutely loveable - trend.

Beautiful Colors of KravetSmart Performance Velvet
Add gilt mirrors, rounded soft edges, and light reflecting silk draperies to create livable glamour. The color combo of black and white is a classic and creates understated drama in every room.

Mid Century Modern "Modernized"

Source: West Elm
The newest take on this enduring trend involves color. If you are lucky enough to have classic mid century modern furniture, update them by reupholstering in a "modern" color. Think millennial pink, a vivid teal, or even one of the metallic fabrics! Mixing and matching vintage furniture with new purchases is always fun and creates a warm, eclectic feel in your home.

I'm hoping I'll be able to post some pictures of our new house in the next blog; otherwise, we might be overpaying for a short term rental or being nomadic with Air B&B...

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