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Sunrooms and Schnitzel: Finding a House in Germany

It's almost time for me to leave Fabric Farms Interiors. The house here is packed up and sold and our few household items are winging their way across the ocean as I write. On the bright side, here are pictures of the house we found, beating out at least 5 other house seekers. Finding a house or an apartment in Munich is definitely an endurance race, with a large dollop of luck on the side. We managed to snag a duplex with a garage! Here's a picture of the back. We have a tiny garden, with an even tinier patio. One of the most exciting things for our family of 4 is that we have 2.5 baths just like we did in the US. Many of the houses we looked at had 1 or 1.5 baths...with 2 teenagers in the house, I was foreseeing much screaming of "Get Out of the Bathroom, NOW!" Fortunately, we - and the neighbors - will be spared that. Probably. Now the really exciting part: my chairs are done! Here's the first one: And I'm thinking I'm going to put t

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