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More Adventures in Downsizing

With my husband 4,400 miles away, I had imagined that I would have full autonomy regarding home decor in our tiny flat-to-come. After all, I'm here on the ground, sorting through our belongings and making decisions about what stays and what goes.

What's gone already? The kitchen aid mixer...and all the memories of Christmas cookie baking with the kids. The heavy wooden sideboard that I refinished when I was pregnant with my daughter 20 years ago. Bookcases, pink plastic dressers, train sets, buffet tables. Gone. The house does look bigger now that it is practically empty. But it's hard, I'm not gonna lie.
Amidst what feels like a hemorrhaging of possessions, there are some pieces which are coming with us. The pair of blue striped chairs that I scored at Goodwill, for example. Bernie already has them stripped down and ready to go, so I chose a fabric.

Something bright and cheerful, in a reddish orange tone that I love. A beautiful Trend fabric with a stain treatment and…

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